Alex “Mustang” Attias should need no introduction to followers of West London and Munich’s syncopated dancefloor licks and jazz-based downtempo groovology. Chromantic profiles Attias’s own Visions imprint, containing a host of his own erudite productions to date, as well as some collabos and a few guest cuts from fellow Londoners Domu, Dego and I.G. Culture. Starting with the autumnal-melancholoy and ’60s jazz 3/4 swing of Attias and keyboardist Jessica Lauren’s “Waltz For Eva,” the album moves through Xela Saitta’s warm, broken-soul number “Daylight”; Mustang’s ethereal shattered techno outing “Transitions”; the dope oboe-bassoon-and trombone-addled “Cascade”; and the funky African bap of “Waenda” by promising newcomer Emelda. An endlessly colorful and beautifully fluid compilation.