Hungry fans of The Streets need only rush to the computer to obtain this EP-all the tracks are only available through download, either separately or as an eight-track bundle. All Got Our Runnins doesn’t disappoint-it’s the weed, not the fame, that’s gone to Skinner’s head (on record at least). New tracks include the cheeky “Give Me Back My Lighter” and “Streets Score,” as well as the title rap, whose production features a haunted house sound that just kills it. The label has even solved the problem of The Streets not actually being as streetwise as he once was by including a bumping UK garage rap remix of “Let’s Push Things Forward,” Mr. Fidgit’s roughneck drum & bass version of “Don’t Mug Yourself” and-for the softies-uplifting retreads of “Weak Become Heroes” and “It’s Come to This” by Ashley Beedle and High Contrast respectively. Runnin’.