Li Alin is a mystery, and for now that’s just as well. The story behind her mournful, raw songs-some with electronic embellishments, and all sung in French and English-might dilute the power of their presence. Backing her vocals with echoed pianos and skin-crawling cello strains, she creates authentically desolate atmospheres that re-claim Joy Division comparisons from the boy bands. When Alin whispers “My soul is bleeding/Today my heart is snowing,” you believe it. Like a mistress sequestered in a tower, she contemplates love and the futility of life with heart-breaking precision. The eccentricities of Alin’s incantations make them avant-goth of the highest order. Jokers say the goth dance goes pull the rope, kick the cat, toss the basket. Li Alin’s compelling compositions add another step: rattle your bones.