If Car & Driver magazine were to commission a compilation of electronic compositions, they would need to look no further than this comp to know the work’s already done. Primarily comprising exclusive material curated by post-electro reconstructuralists Autechre, much of ATP 3.02-including tracks by Public Enemy, Anthony “Shake” Shakir and Earth-helps define “piston-pumping.” In contrast, there are selections both subtle and supple-including Stasis, Disjecta and Bola-to match the serene glide of those luxury sedan ads. Disc one focuses on abstract hip-hop and ominous ticking laptops (Gescom, Kool Keith), while disc two features more ricocheting percussive explorations (Baby Ford, Hecker). Highlights include Push Button Objects’s Asian-flecked flitter and BFC’s post-FSOL flutter. As should be expected of Autechre influences and contemporaries, tracks are as methodical as they are mesmerizing.