Breakbeat completists of the world, rejoice! Ambush! collects the best of hardcore mentalist DJ Scud’s overdriven dancehall/jungle/breakbeat mayhem, originally released across a slew of 7″s and 12″s from labels like Ambush, Full Watts and Klangkrieg. Ambush-South London’s Toby Reynolds-fuses unrefined rave bombast, raw ragga violence, and ruffneck jungle into a lumbering beast that’s as sexy as it is ragged. Call it “breakcore” if you wish-but really, DJ Scud’s bullet-riddled riddims are less the product of a new subgenre than a manifestation of a supergenre, subsuming all elements of the hardcore continuum into a form that is neither retro nor futuristic, but simply immediate, gripping, and ultra-fucking-now.