Amoeba’s latest melange includes everything from womanist spoken word to indie shogazer pap-all culled from the East Bay, Frisco and LA scenes. The totally hype parts: Balanceman’s quirky Soup Or Spy?”, which combines ’70s spy-film horns with outer-spacey studio effects, Mr. Lif’s agitpropist “Earthcrusher,” and Lo Lo Swift’s sick flows on Equipto’s “Rap Attack.” The more restrained, but still dope, parts: Loquat’s dulcet and schmaltzy “To the Floor,” Lil Miss Ju Ju B’s schizoid “S&M Boulevard” and Tim’m’s loping, Spearhead-y “Red Dirt.” Good pickin’s, overall: some of Volume IV’s 39 tracks are wacker than others, but none warrants a diss. “