At this point, “bass music” has become a pretty nebulous term. And although it’s a useful catch-all for today’s low-end-centric musical happenings, that doesn’t change the fact that an increasingly disparate array of sounds is somehow being lumped together under a single umbrella. Whether that speaks to journalistic laziness or simply that many of today’s producers are cribbing notes from across the musical spectrum—in all likelihood, there is some truth in both assertions—the fact remains that the bass-music world continues to turn out interesting new permutations of dance music.

Take Presk, a relatively unknown producer from the Netherlands whose first single has been released on the brand-new, Ramp-affiliated Fourth Wave label. The two-track 12″ finds him mixing and matching styles, most notably UK funky and techno, although hints of more traditional house and dubstep pepper the record. A-side “and Cut” is the livelier offering, a steppy, dancefloor-minded tune with stuttering snares, punchy chords, and a hooky vocal sample leading the way. There’s a lot going on, which makes things a bit disjointed, but “and Cut” never wanders too far away from its groove. On the flip, “Mold” goes deeper and mellows out the proceedings. The beats still shuffle and snap, but they’re lower in the mix and Presk has put the track’s rubbery techno synths front and center. The song’s melodies and vocal snippets may not be as sticky as those found on “and Cut,” but “Mold” remains a quality production nonetheless.