Andrea La Pietra’s arrival on the scene will be enough to turn some aging house-heads green. The young Italian, better known as And.rea, has not long been old enough to actually step foot into a club, yet he’s already racked up bookings across Europe, and now stuck one release under his belt—the third record on Vera and Alexandra’s Melliflow imprint.

The eight confident tunes on Perception of Objective Reality make for an emphatic debut. Evidently influenced by his elders, La Pietra’s style is a regurgitation of the kind of material you’ll hear from selectors like Francesco del Garda, blending elements of house, garage, electro and more; his perception of the scene’s reality.

The EP’s sound is consistent throughout, showing off an already well-honed production style. A healthy proportion of it is straight-up, archetypal house music: “Mutual Attraction” and “15 Ways To Make A Record” both share foundations in chunky kicks, dusted off by warm pads and silky keys. Opener “Low Connection” is more energetic, bringing together the weirdness of early Morgan Geist with a UK tech-house pulse (a tempo raised further yet with the taut funk of “Microcosm”).

The other half of the EP roams deeper into a realm of more unconventional sounds. “Bubble Motion” shifts from pumping breaks into a swift four-to-the-floor beat—a trick that La Pietra also employs in the noisier “Why On Earth,” a chaotic, freaky bleep tune. It’s when he preserves the broken beats throughout “Tape Rewind” that he really strikes on some gold: cool drums roll out under a vocal lifted from Mike & Charlie‘s classic “I Get Live,” the occasional scratch and a few off-key piano stabs, in one of the double pack’s finer moments. It’s the work of a youngster with skill beyond his years and a natural flair for the genre—a welcome addition to the incipient Melliflow catalog, which grows more impressive with every release.

Perception of Objective Reality is expected to hit stores October 3. Pre-order it at Juno.


A1. Low Connection
A2. 15 Ways To Make A Record
B1. Microcosm
B2. Monday To Sunday
C1. Why On Earth
C2. Bubble Motion
D1. Tape Rewind
D2. Mutual Attraction