With his fourth full-length, Dan “Caribou” Snaith compiles his finest collection yet of freakbeat fills and darting trills. This tribal collage melds the lyrical introspection of The Zombies with the percussive insistence of Can, echoing the blearier, balmier harmonies of Elliott Smith and Dennis Wilson with Silver Apples-esque oscillations. Snaith plays or programs every single warble, sleigh bell, and whistle, save for one guest vocal from Junior Boys’ Jeremy Greenspan. But perhaps the most surprising moment is the euphoric trance-recalling redeeming melody (think Binary Finary’s “1998”) that ascends through flushed closing track “Niobe,” which dilates and contracts like one of the rave scene’s expandable phosphorescent spheres. The last three tracks are more caliginous, but equally proud psyche-pop tone poems.