Ignore the title—the blood isn’t weak here. Suave microhouse rhythms, fluid synth riffs, and rackety percussive hits flow through the heart of this album by Chilean-Berliner Dinky (a.k.a. Alejandra Iglesias). She has a great habit of losing her vocals in the machine—exhibit A is “Skyped,” where her vowels splinter and dissipate into a mess of polyrhythms. Other trips down the rabbit hole include the psychedelic bebop jaunt “Westoid Feat Updates,” and the Neubauten-like industrial grind of “Fadik.” Despite a few uninspired synth instrumentals, Iglesias’ courage in tossing in abrupt twists and clangs into her rhythms is quite welcome in a time when stale and, well, anemic minimal records keep piling up in shops and MP3 players.