Hey, I know these peoples! So much for an unbiased review. Crown City is a live band complete with keys, bass, drums, homeboy on the MPC stabbin’ up samples and shit, and then there’s emcee/b-boy Raashan Ahmad speaking his mind on top of it all. This kind and talented troop were previously known as Mission. “Another Day” assumes the attitude that today is just another day to continue fighting the good fight. “Fortitude” sees Raashan and Gift of Gab (Blackalicious) successfully trading bars and double-timing it รก la “New Rap Language” in order to keep up with the piano-driven rhumba/bossa-type rhythm. CCR are on some feel-good shit, but they also want to remind you that the world needs mending. “The Dogs” is a not-so-far-fetched vision of apocalypse that dissolves into a Sun Ra-tionalized cacophony of sax, drums and college students chanting, “People of the world, rise up…”