Centered on the concept of each artist pouring their ideas into one “pool,” Michael Scheibenreiter (one-half of d&b duo Phoneheads) and Stefan Schwander (a.k.a. techno/house minimalist Antonelli electr.) team up in the studio to create anything but a simple fusion of drum & bass and minimal house/techno. Laying somewhere between peaceful contemplation and raw fuel for the dancefloor, the Swimmingpool project is one of subtle evolutions and surreal deconstruction. Careful to avoid the narcissistic trappings of the avante-garde, the entire album speaks from the heart without alienating the dancefloor. With varied tempos and influences that range from folk, reggae, rave and, ultimately, dub, each bit plays out like a dream, captivating in intensity and yet able to communicate on multiple levels without ever feeling forced. A masterpiece.