Ay yo, Pro’s are no joke! Colorado boys now residing in Los Angeles, producer/MC Stro the 89th Key and MC Resonant rhyme alongside Mr. J, who sounds like a young Mike D (Beastie Boys). From the minute you pop this CD on, you can feel how hype these cats are. “We Gotta” is a Rhodes-induced soul hip-hop track reminiscent of early Common joints like “I Used To Love H.E.R.” “Move Yer Self” is a sweet bossanova excursion followed by “Track #10,” a bugged out interlude where they parody C&C Music Factory. At times, the lyrics don’t really hit you upside the head-these MCs don’t have that classic feel yet, but give them time. If y’all like your hip-hop positive, the kind of thing that you can smoke an L to while watching the sun rise, then this album’s for you. “