Asad Rizvi’s Reverberations imprint is known for house-leaning melodic techno releases-some of which, confusingly, are not “techy” enough to be called “tech-house,” but instead maintain the upswing of house rather than than the plodding stomp of techno. Silverlining pulls together a selection of Rizvi’s groovy cuts, including his own “Smiling At The Sun,” which shines warm sunlight through the clouds with laidback percussion, metallic keys and whooshing wind effects. His “Silverlining Boogie Dub” of Haris & Dedan’s “Electro Oro” is a storming, drunken-synth-led track, whose invigorating bass and Middle Eastern sounds ride with tight percussion. Rizvi may be less well-known than some of his musically and geographically close compatriots (Freaks, Terry Francis et. al), but this collection proves he can cut it with the best of them.