Satamile releases its first CD compilation of vinyl tracks, a collection of mostly textbook Bladerunner-esque electro that slides along its smooth metallic finish, lightly bumpin’ and nonchalant. Silicon Scally’s “The Silent Years” bounces swiftly and sharply, with a luminescent synth-harp riff bolting through, and Decal’s “Riptide” is cool yet jittery. Each of the tracks on Autobot lock into an automaton’s groove instantaneously, for better (they’re immediately hypnotic) and worse (that’s about all they are). You rarely get the sense that within all of the smoothly mechanized parts, some sort of spontaneous vitality is arising within the structure of the rhythm; the music doesn’t often take on a life of its own. This Tin Man’s built almost perfectly-now all he needs is a heart.