It’s hard to go wrong with Pinback. Zach Smith and Rob Crow, computer-friendly indie rockers descended from the fertile San Diego art-rock scene, haven’t fucked up yet and likely never will–they have sick chops and instincts so pop they might as well be branded by Bubblicious. While Autumn of the Seraphs might not best Summer in Abaddon, it’s stacked with immersive nuggets. “From Nothing to Nowhere” is a flawless example of what they can do with a breakneck tempo, while “Barnes” shows off their gift for math-funk. And I know they may hate to hear this, but they’ve got as much Depeche Mode as Slint in their genes: One listen to the electro-poppy “Good to Sea” should nail that affiliation. Meanwhile, the epic finale “Off by 50” lays bare their rawk skeleton and wraps Autumn with a bang.