Dutch DJ/producer Joris Voorn has taken the desktop-DJ movement a few feet forward on his contribution to EQ’s Balance series, blending samples of more than 100 tracks into two techno/house mixes that often resemble reunions for lost relatives. The synth melody from F.U.S.E.’s “Into the Space” fits well into the bare chords of Aphex Twin’s ambient classic “Heliosphan,” while the swooning synth-scape of Goldie oldie “Timeless” seamlessly flows through two Sascha Funke tracks. A few too many chill-out interludes sometimes cause his mixes to lag, and not every pick is a winner (his choice of Spinvis’ melodramatic “Mare Figoris” is worthy of a telenovela soap opera), yet Voorn is still moving into a ripe direction for DJ mixology.