Southend, England’s These New Puritans arrive with a fair amount of NME-bestowed hype, thanks in part to a collaboration with designer Hedi Slimane, having created tunes for his 2007 Dior Homme runway show. Taking its sonic cues from acts like The Fall and Klaxons, the beat-driven indie-rock four-piece’s debut here is a fashionable but unoriginal collection of tunes. The record’s 16 tracks attempt to incorporate too many of-the-moment influences–electro, post-punk, experimental–without a unique (or coherent) vision to unify them. But there are some standout tracks: “Swords of Truth” is a fresh, DJ-set-worthy cut and the instrumental “Doppelganger” is also a winner. Taken as a whole, though, Beat Pyramid unfortunately sacrifices its shelf life for hipness.