More than a year after the release of Nina Kraviz‘s debut LP, Rekids continues to commission remixes that add further layers of disorientation to the already spacious tracks. Ostgut Ton stalwart DVS1 does double duty here, puncturing “Best Friend” with choked synthesizers and highlighting the spooky spoken come-ons while crafting two claustrophobic new versions of the track.

“Best Friend (DVS1 Forever Mix feat. Naughty Wood)” is far more horizontal and subtle than Kraviz’s original, quickly coating organ fillips in static and sending them hurtling at each other like bumper cars for the duration of the song. There are elements of drone and short vibraphone hits, both of which shift the emotion from lascivious to predatory as a lisping vocal sample begs, “I told you I’d need you forever/it’s now or never.”

“Best Friend (DVS1 Dub Test)” is dubbier than anything DVS1 has put out under his own name in a while, casually unfolding and chafing against the synthesizer curls. The vocals have a new bark and brightness that doesn’t appear elsewhere, while unpredictable lashes of echo focus the energy on the percussive clatter. A vocal croak briefly functions as a sibilant hi-hat pattern, expanding the track further at the same point where the “Forever Mix” inverted. It’s a reminder of the prismatic variations that can be still be wrung from Kraviz’s relatively minimalist source material.