It’s rather prescient that Night Slugs has chosen Egyptrixx (a.k.a. David Psutka) for the label’s first proper artist album, his debut Bible Eyes. It’s a full-length extension of “Liberation Front,” a song where synths roll up and down like marbles in a halfpipe, leaving behind trails of dissolute low frequencies that lend it an oddly bottom-heavy quality. The album is all weighty house grooves and pseudo-tribal drums, with woozy synths coursing through its winding veins. Sometimes Egyptrixx tinkers with the template (“Barely”) and occasionally he just shatters it completely and mirthfully toys with the remnants. For instance, the tremulous ballad “Chrysalis Records” submerges a stoned vocal from fellow Canadians Trust and slinky triplets in a sea of thick cough syrup, while “Naples” glows with tender, pulsing electro nostalgia. His refinement is equally exciting, as the percussive bouquet on “Recital (A Version)” and the restless see-saw of “Bible Eyes” provide dependable grooves to weird out any rave. Credit Egyptrixx for making a debut album that sounds at once so unified and whole, yet like absolutely nothing else. It’s fitting that he’s on Night Slugs, a label that only believes in taking from the past what it can mercilessly mutate and transform for its own brilliantly idiosyncratic use.