The doctor is back in. Ex-Killing Joke roadie Alex Paterson and cohorts (including Jack Dangers, lady MC Soom T, Kompakt’s Thomas Fehlmann and KLF-er/fellow Orbster Jimmy Cauty) roll out Bicycles & Tricycles. It will never be 1992 again, but the familiar wash of envirotextures and goofy BBC samples is still welcome. Ambihouse ur-fathers Eno and Tangerine Dream are likely proud of the good Dr.’s noodlings with downbeats, leftism and electro-drugs for the auditory tract. And Paterson’s organically altered humor persists into the 21st century through ever-seamless mixes that meld Bomb the Bass with Kraftwerk, for instance. Paterson espouses 12-year cycles-the loopy Orb has come full circle.