2015 was a year in which Binh really hit his stride in the studio, showing strength in depth with a creative streak that poked into fresh, curious, and sometimes unexpected styles. A loopy number on Perlon, an electro-themed project alongside Onur Özer, and the spacey Buyout on Cabaret each nailed different moods, and cemented his status as a serious producer as well as DJ and collector (an obsession that evidently feeds into his imagination heartily).

The third episode in the Time Passages seriesis Binh’s most obviously dancefloor-oriented release yet, loaded with a B-side selection that cruises deep into techno territory. The mechanical elements of “Zweifach” sound panicked, frantically chiming against shaky percussion, or being drowned in its droney bass. What it lacks in groove, it makes up for in punch. “Yougo” is more likely to be the pick for the peak-time: arranged to a tee, the interplay between its kicks and crunchy snares brims with energy. Confident and commanding it may be, yet it is also loomed over by an eeriness that has now become a hallmark of his work. Testament to this is “Dreifach,” the EP’s A-side, a spooked-out, choppy number which instead of stomping along, kicks back and allows percussive nuances to do the talking. It is as tight as they come, and does a lot with the little it is built with.

Dreifach EP is scheduled for March 28 release.