Equally reclusive and prolific, Moodymann (a.k.a. Kenny Dixon Jr.) writes loping, laidback music that burrows into the mind, unfurling deft keyboard flourishes from subtly raw production that has as much to do with jazz and blues traditions as modern house music. Make no mistake-a song like “I’m Doing Fine” devastates dancefloor with its sonar ping, four-note Rhodes hook and soulful vocals from Amp Fiddler. But even though Moodymann writes songs that turn into underground anthems, his most important musical contribution is a constant exploration and refinement of soul music. With humorous but pointed use of blaxploitation samples on “Back at Bakers” and “Mahogani 9000” and a sequencing style that keeps songs to their bare, elegant essentials, Black Mahogani is a paragon of inventive, emotive sound where pleasure lies not in gimmickry but in the groove.