Kudos to Jay Haze and the Contexterrior base for issuing this winning debut from the lovely Marjorie Migliaccio (a.k.a. Bloody Mary). Through 11 tracks, Migliaccio winds through the darkened perimeters of the techno world and uncovers the hidden beauty lurking within the shadows. Her ability to work the dancefloor has never been in doubt, but Black Pearl finds Migliaccio spreading her experimental wings a bit, unveiling a real gift for spawning opaque, smog-rich tones. Tracks such as “Spleen” and “Semper Eaden” thump with African percussion and a stiff, glitchy punch as she furbishes their surroundings with a brume of ambient murk, while “Elevation” soars off into an astral plane with its dainty strings and ghostly nuances.