Sei A‘s Blades of Brazil EP is the third installment of Turbo’s Warehouse Series—a set of releases that is said to concentrate on “futuristic techno at its ruffest and tuffest.” And while the EP’s three tracks do showcase Sei A’s skill with thick, persistent techno kick patterns, they also demonstrate his ability to construct and incorporate loose, dubstep-inspired percussion and rich, atmospheric layers of sound.

The title track is a prime example of such a combination, as the producer sets a detached, melancholic vocal sample against a sturdy kick, keeping the song’s upper stratosphere steadily dynamic. The measured arrangement of “Swoon” likewise begins with a clipped vocal phrase and a muffled drum beat, making the entrance of a booming kick feel massive against the murky soundscape.

“Made of Something” closes out the EP with a slight change of pace, combining steely drum sounds and rhythmic breathing with a bright, evolving synth texture. Sei A dials back the atmospheric vocal layers and ultimately finds a sweet spot that’s also warehouse-appropriate; the track has enough details for headphone listening, but its movements are large enough to hold the dancefloor’s attention.