New Jersey duo Blaze has basically turned US garage on its ear, taking from disco, Latin and Afro-Caribbean rhythms and whipping up the sort of positive, spiritual house that brings praise from stalwarts like Louie Vega and the Body & Soul crew. But soulful, life-affirming four-on-the-floor certainly isn’t for everyone, and Blaze proves that with this mix, which delves (at times) frighteningly deep into the genre. A sample list of influences for these tracks-by Joi Cardwell, Peven Everett and Blaze themselves, among others-could read: The Love Boat theme song, Chaka Khan, childbirth, the Age of Aquarius, sunshine, jazz pianists, Gerald Levert and church. If most of those things aren’t your bag-or if you’re not already wildly into soulful vocal house-you’ll sooner find love somewhere else.