Pedigreed by Glaswegian pogo-poppers du jour Franz Ferdinand, Bloc Party has quickly ascended by deftly remaining self-aware of and accessible through the South London band’s influences. This six-track EP collects the mid-20’s quartet’s first singles, “Banquet/Staying Fat” and “She’s Hearing Voices,” presently chronologically backwards. This is lanky music, scrawls of angular, twitchingly plucked guitars, jags of prickly, tightly wound fret flurries buoyed by gelatinous basslines and charging drums. While the lineage of A Certain Ratio, Gang of Four, the Fall and the Cure is apparent, the skittish flails are additionally touched by Britpop yelp. Bloc Party acknowledges the remaining circumference of its influences with the sequenced clap and synth squiggles of a “Banquet” remix. Bloc rockin’.