It‘s been a decade since Leila Arab‘s mystifying and beautiful Like Weather popped up on Rephlex, with only one other record (and occasional sightings as a Björk sidekick) giving clues to here whereabouts. Now there‘s Blood Looms and Blooms, as confusing, noisy, and wondrous as its predecessor. “Daisies, Cats and Spacemen” and “Mettle” provide the boundaries: On “Daisies,” Leila‘s sister Roya delicately traces Portishead-ish vocals between Leila‘s simple plinks, lonely strings, and negative space; on “Mettle,” ferocious guitars dive in and out while water drips incessantly. Terry Hall joins Martina Topley-Bird in a haunted, electronic Tin Pan Alley ditty called “Why Should I?” before Leila pops out of our universe again, wonderfully inscrutable.