Diplo shone a spotlight on underground Brazilian booty bass with his Favela on Blast mix CD-now Milkcrate Athletics founder Aaron Lacrate and Diplo‘s Hollertronix homeboy Low Budget are poised to do the same thing for Baltimore club music. Their Bmore Gutter Music mix slaps together Charm City anthems like Rod Lee‘s “Dance My Pain Away” and “Puttin‘ It Down” and Blaqstarr‘s “Get My Gun” with special edits and exclusives from Spank Rock and pottymouthed cohort Amanda Blank, the self-proclaimed “Kelly Bundy of rap” who boasts a Twista-fast flow. Though LaCrate‘s in New York and Budget‘s in Philly, they‘ve wisely enlisted Baltimore scene godfather Scottie B (Unruly Records) to executive produce the whole damn thing. The resulting mix has a ghetto crunk party-meets-Downtown New York feel; it‘s a gully party rocker with enough dirty lyrics, crazy stabs and chipmunked melodies to please even the most stubborn asses and shortest attention spans.