Autre Ne Veut is easily the hardest pill to swallow when it comes to the extremely nebulous indie-R&B thing. Though his nasally, often grating voice stands apart from his peers first and foremost, the music that drives the Brooklyn artist’s discordant pop also requires a certain amount of patience; at first, you may need to give it the benefit of the doubt. But as we experienced with Autre Ne Veut’s self-titled LP for Olde English Spelling Bee from last year, the more time one spends with his strange sounds, the more one can appreciate what he is doing. On the new four-song Body EP, a record largely about personal relationships and identity, that process is streamlined to great effect.

While “Not the One” and upbeat closer “Your Clothes” are both decent tracks in their own left-of-center ways, opening slow jam “Just Return” and lead single “Sweetheart” make up the meatier portions of Body. The first tune on the EP starts out employing a crunchy beat reminiscent of James Blake’s “Unluck,” which is soon after paired with a couple of melodically unhinged synths and Autre Ne Veut’s inimitable rasp. These mismatched pieces somehow quickly coalesce into an exciting and uniquely coherent pop song, which sets a precedent for the remainder of the Body EP, one that its creator consistently follows in a variety of his own twisted ways.