Two Brits (Andrew Mackay and Gary Hughes) jet to India and, according to Six Degrees’ publicity proclamations, “do something that hadn’t been tried before-make the ultimate chill-out album by using an Indian orchestra and soloists.” Um, tell that to Talvin Singh, Bally Sagoo, and Nitin Sawhney, producers who’ve utilized Indian strings and classical musicians throughout their multi-album careers. That grievance aside, there’s always room for more electronic/Dub/Asian efforts, especially fine two-disc sets like BDO. Disc one features misty melodic numbers with fluttering bansuri (flute) riffs like “Mumtaz,” ideal for cinematic love scenes. The second piece takes eight songs from the first disc and adds languid beats and saturated echoes. BDO occasionally overreaches with grandiose engineering and chocolate-truffle-sweet arrangements-peak-time ambient, anyone?