Seth Troxler‘s recent surge in popularity may have more to do with his gift for delivering the perfect sound bite than delivering consistently strong tracks, but one thing’s for certain—the young Berlin-based expat knows how to craft a mix. Troxler’s past podcasts for The Bunker and Save the Cannibals are first-rate efforts in low-slung, slinky house. Boogybytes Vol. 05, on the other hand, paints in broader strokes. Jazzy deep house to skittish minimal techno, uplift to melancholy, the mix’s arc across genres and moods is impressive, and tracks from Baeka, Birds and Souls, and Kiki are downright superb, but the mix never really hits its stride. Boogybytes Vol. 05 may not be Troxler’s best, but it’s certainly worth a listen.