Lo-Fi-FNK (pronounced “lo-fi funk”) cranks out house-heavy electro-pop that smells like Daft Punk and tastes like New Order. These two Swedish youngsters keep it simple-relying on clean, minimal drum programming and the power of analog synths to consummate their pop passion. Tracks like “Steppin’ Out” and “What’s on Your Mind” use the same chunky synth lines that made Daft Punk’s Human After All a club staple and car companion. But, as the title implies, Boylife isn’t quite as mature as its preceding influences. With lyrics about partying and post-adolescent heartbreak (“Steppin’ out/It’s hard to do when you’re young“), it may be a little tough for electro enthusiasts in their 30s not to chuckle. Regardless of the lyrics, the modulating synths and consistently catchy choruses will have no trouble getting clubs completely riled and ready for youthful indiscretions.