Just when lyrical MCing seemed a thing of the past, here comes Grip Grand with “Tricks for the kids/Punchlines and choruses.” Many underground hip-hop albums these days quickly turn into jaded complain-fests over unexciting tracks; Brokelore revives the era when rappers strove to perfect their craft and sound unique, except they’ve added mega-slappin’ new-school beats. “I’m from the West Coast but I ain’t a felon or thug,” the formerly unheralded Oakland rapper says on “Hip Hop Classic,” and he shows his dedication to the art of storytelling by going toe-to-toe with Percee P and A.G. on “Paper Cup” and “Poppin’ Pockets,” respectively. GG’s drawled cadence might remind some of a less-conceited Kanye, but his skills shine just as brightly as Mr. West’s Jesus piece.