If Stones Throw can bring back Percee P, who’s to say Technicali can’t resurrect the career of former Death Row inmate RBX (who’s been M.I.A. since narrating live from Cell Block 3 on The Chronic in 1993)? Jokes about overturned convictions aside, RBX was the most technical, stylistically versatile rapper of the G-Funk era; Broken Silence indicates he’s kept his tonsils toned. On “Overdue,” he drops lyrical napalm (“Finger on the button like Kim Jong Il”) over a squealing, nostalgia-evoking Snoop Dogg beat. Elsewhere, he hangs with young bucks LMNO, Chace Infinite, Self Lion, and Tate the Great. It’s good to have X back; now if only someone would only put out a new Volume 10 album.