Tanya Morgan makes regular-ass rap music, but they do it exceptionally well. The second studio LP from this trio of (male) MCs, Brooklynati brings forth timeless beats and rhymes à la Native Tongues. You won’t find any trend-hopping, AutoTune, or electro-pop gimmicks—just straight up boom bap. Tracks like “Bang N Boogie,” with its simple drum break and horn loop, serve as reminders of the genre’s origins, while lead single “So Damn Down” kicks it really old school with a loungey Rat Pack vibe. Clever marketing aside (Brooklynati is also a virtual city), the album features production by Brick Beats and TM’s Von Pea, with verses from Blu, Phonte, and others, helping to make Brooklynati TM’s best work to date.