Though his career is still in its early days, Leon Vynehall‘s knack for brilliantly fluid textures and weirdly ear-pricking sample manipulation has lent his music an exceptional quality amongst the flood of peak-time, subby house that the UK has been turning out over the past year. Set for release on Will Saul’s Aus imprint, this record, the Brighton producer’s most high-profile 12″ yet, sees him refine and soup up his strong points with a pair of twin tracks that continue to trump many of his contemporaries’ efforts.

“Brother” has been popping up in various DJs’ sets for some time now, with good reason. A chunky thumper for the feet and fists, it’s a floor track through and through, capable of slapping most dancefloors into consciousness with its UK garage-influenced array of sliding subs and a brusquely stepping, chrome-finished rhythm. Those textures that always lurk behind the beats in Leon Vynehall’s music are present here in clipped, quick-fire cymbal hits and stretched vocal snippets, attaching to the otherwise just functional track an odd character that makes it much more engaging.

The b-side “Sister” is a more panoramic offering that recalls the work of Floating Points, albeit while exuding a classic deep-house feel with its oiled massage of bass and heartily pulsing drum rhythm. Strands of melody gradually intertwine with rapidly shifting arpeggiated synth keys, forming what’s actually quite a touching buildup before the second drop. Granted, it’s not particularly original, but it’s achieved with panache, sensitivity, and a level of technical skill that sets this effort above the crush of similarly minded producers.