Toronto’s Gregory “Lowfish” De Rocher survived a childhood hearing problem and the demise of Canadian-manufactured 12” vinyl (a costly complication for his and partner Jason Amm’s Suction label). De Rocher brings his accessible breed of electro to his new Satamile LP, steeped more in dubby, early-Detroit beat structures (“Torsion”) and catchy, big-room trance overlays (“Wahawa”) than the lean, techno-driven styles of other electro greats like Anthony Rother. Which doesn’t render these cuts any less enjoyable: “Bitter,” one of Burn’s leanest tracks, delivers an electro masterpiece by locking a minimal 3/4 electro bassline into rhythmic nirvana with a simple weee-eeer melody. It’s all expertly produced stuff, made for kicking up your 2 a.m. DJ set a notch or two.