No matter how much you like Blondes, it’s pretty unlikely that you’ll find yourself humming one of their tunes. At the risk of making a serious music journalism cliché, Blondes’ music has always been about the journey, a trend that continues on the pair’s latest single. “Business” b/w “Pleasure” is the second chapter of a three-part singles series the duo announced earlier in the year.

As for the music, it’s basically an exercise in Blondes doing what they do best. What the duo lacks in sticky pop hooks it more than makes up for in its drawn-out psychedelic soundscapes, nods to classic rave and Balearic house, and undeniably epic scope. Each song hovers around nine minutes in length, and while both “Business” and “Pleasure” unfold at relatively standard house tempos, they feel slower, gradually morphing and blossoming instead of dramatically shifting gears or plunging into head-spinning drops. The hypnotic “Business” relies more heavily on swirling vintage synth sounds and a subtle bassline, while “Pleasure”—you may remember the video—thickens up the percussion, tosses in hints of an old-school piano-house melody, and utilizes a more active sound palette. Each production is incredibly detailed and intricate, a feat made all the more impressive by the fact that these tracks were recorded live, without overdubs, with the duo’s fleet of gear. It’s a testament to Blondes’ ability as electronic musicians, and a release that immediately raises the excitement for the forthcoming third and final chapter of the 12″ series, not to mention the subsequent album, all of which should drop before the year is out.