Heavy guitars, frenetic scratching, and some God-awful singing pervade Eyedea and Abilities’ By the Throat, the Minnesota duo’s third LP and first in five years. As with most rap/rock Frankensteins, it ain’t always pretty. But if you can get past Eyedea’s whiny, nasal delivery and respect Abilities’ tense, unorthodox production, you’ll find gems in their neurosis. Eyedea continues to paint vivid imagery while waxing emo about war, addiction, and love. Tracks like “Smile, “Burn Fetish,” and “Sky Diver” boast both the former battle champ’s wordplay and ability to grab listeners’ emotions, well, by the throat. Though By the Throat is fearless in its honest and artistic expression, it’ll take a diehard E&A fan to truly appreciate it.