At this point, the name Canvax is unlikely to ring familiar with most. It’s the moniker of relatively unknown electro specialist Danny Jeroense, a producer who has been bouncing around digital-only fringe labels for the past few years. Over the past 12 months, Italian imprint YAY has collaborated with the Dutchman to put his work onto wax for the first time, the result being nine-track album Cosmophilia.

Much like its artwork (which was also wholly designed by Jeroense), the music that makes up Cosmophilia is coal-black and steely grey in character. At times this is a result of its dark atmosphere: the punchy, slamming kick and sci-fi synths of “High Alert,” or the scratchy, pulsating breaks of “Power Surge.” Electro-bass number “Lost Comms” is also pervaded by a murky feeling, awash with rude synths that tear through the track.

The album really comes into its own during its more mellow moments; Jeroense evidently has the knack for crafting pensive, deeper electro. Opener “Spiraling” is a good example of this (though with a driving force preserved in its bassline). The reflective “Rebooting,” Cosmophilia‘s most serene cut, drops down another gear, while “Transmitting” pairs squelchy acid with similarly blue chords.

With the moody and the manic taken care of, there is still time for Jeroense to squeeze in a few more alternative numbers. The excellent “Break Off” sounds like a bonus cut to the infamous ElektroworldLP. Downtempo “Static” changes the pace, awkwardly plodding along with rough, choppy beats, and “Stasis” fills a middle ground between the two.

As well as being a landmark release for YAY, Cosmophilia will serve as a portfolio for Canvax; a fresh talent, deservedly dug out of electro obscurity. The complete LPshould be praised for its diversity, a confidently executed balancing act between all shades of the genre.

Cosmophilia is out now. Buy it at Juno or


A1. Spiraling
A2. Lost Comms
B1. Rebooting
B2. Power Surge
C1. High Alert
C2. Transmitting
D1. Break Off
D2. Stasis
D3. Static