Any real hip-hoppers in the place? Cardboard-spinning, beatbox-busting, freestyle fanatics more at home with a can of Krylon than a case of Pimp Juice? If you‘ve stubbornly managed to avoid the trendy temptations of snap, crunk, or hyphy and would gladly trade a Jacob the Jeweler timepiece for a pristine copy of “It‘s Just Begun,” then Midwestern hip-hop heroes Glue are your flavor, kid. “We‘ve got a lot to say and even more to do,” MC Adeem proclaims as their manifesto unfolds over old-schoolish breaks (think Run-DMC‘s “Here We Go”), courtesy of producer Maker, while DJDQ mans the turntables. Glue‘s sound explodes out of the speakers with excessive amounts of energy (raising expectations for their live show) and, for all its retro style, bristles with original lyrical statements. This is no mere angsty backpacker album, but an indication that the battle between hip-hop and rap is far from over.