Paris, especially in the wake of Ed Banger and Kitsuné, is easily imagined as a ceaseless rampage of chic-meets-shabby funk, where cocaine-rimmed martinis float on seas of demitasse-sized pupils. But amidst the blitz, Guillaume Teyssier has recorded an album acknowledging the true origins of skuzz. This Joakim-produced Petri dish fetishizes everything captivating about New York’s Lower East Side from 1965 (ie. The Velvet Underground’s debut) through the roiling early ’80s. The diffused pastiche draws on Lou Reed, Suicide, Rhys Chatham, and Talking Heads, plus dashes of honorary New Yorkers David Bowie and Iggy Pop. A wanton strut anchors the most sodden eddies, on this chameleonic effort of psyche-rock squalor and squall.