La Kahena Remixed is a perfect entry point for global-beat fence sitters with the impression that world-electronic music is merely ethno-trance masquerading as club pressure. Cheb I Sabbah has perfected his Arabic, North African, and South Asian blend over three artist albums, one remix album, and several DJ mixes, in addition to this Algerian’s three decades of discotheque experience (he spins at San Francisco’s longest running underground dance night, 1002 Nights). La Kahena takes a striking collection of heavy bhangra, hip-hop, and dub tracks and speeds them through alleys, bazaars, favelas, and shantytowns before winding up at the local hot spot clutching a cold Tango (the preferred Algerian beer). Remixers Bassnectar, Sandeep Kumar, Makyo, Ex-Centric, and Bill Laswell bring their best efforts to each track.