Proponents of anti-snob Jheri curl funk, NYC-by-way-of-Montreal duo Chromeo has partnered with Belgian label Eskimo Records (run by the equally anti-prankster Glimmers) to deliver Un Joli Mix Pour Toi, celebrating the rough-around-the-edges but interiorly hypersensitive electro-boogie fan in all of us. Vintage Solid Gold funk and diffused disco meets springy lover‘s lockin‘ and rockin‘ from Jellybean, Robert Palmer, Herbie Hancock, Modern Romance, The Jets, Sharon Redd, and Warp 9, all glistening for androids ready to bump nasties. If slick, get-down grooves are your thing you can jam on it to the unwavering huddle ‘n‘ hustle of this ‘80s prom-ready mix.