The third 12″ to come from A1 Bassline‘s SourceUnknwn imprint again finds the label head himself delivering the product. This time around, the UK artist appears as Christian Piers—a moniker we assume is something resembling his given name—offering three technoid house workouts led by a standout title track.

Without question, the best part about the Clocked Delay EP is “Clocked Delay.” The title track rolls out with a relaxed, swinging strut, led by the ping of a tuned tom pattern that treads dangerously close to being too far out in front of the mix. Still, the slightly delayed rhythm that the toms lock into eventually falls into place, and Piers crafts a rather solid production around them, adding chorded stabs, hints of vocals, and a simple but effective drum pattern that comes with a bit of shuffle. The whole track has an analog vibe throughout, though it’s hard to say whether its elements were specifically born from hardware. “Clocked Delay,” and the entire EP for that matter, manages to be rough enough around the edges to add a bit of drive, but—to its credit—not enough to become unhinged.

While the title track sets the bar for the EP, its other two efforts are certainly worthwhile. “Nukke 5Two2” sounds a bit unfinished musically, but its rhythmic muscle, fortified low end, and acid gurgles could make it a useful DJ tool. The closing “Soul Beat Running” is more of a full composition, taking the EP to its furthest depths with low-register filtered chords and more percussion-focused drum programming.

With the Clocked Delay EP, A1 Bassline delivers a promising record under his new guise, one whose title track in particular seems primed for some dancefloor shine. It certainly speaks well for the producer’s continuing career.