With Collection 02, Dirt Crew label founders Peter Gijselaers (Break 3000) and Felix Eder (James Flavour) release the their imprint’s first mixed compilation, demonstrating just how unremarkable minimal tech-house can be. Not that the tracks are bad or the mixing isn’t seamless… It’s just more of the same: Formulaic production, underwhelming samples, and Basic Channel-biting textures that dare not venture outside the proverbial box. While marginal exceptions to this vanilla progression are made by the remix efforts of Falko Brocksieper and Baumel & Dos Santos, the mix ultimately pivots on Tigerskin’s “Peter’s Secret Weapon,” an anti-climactic turd de force (a.k.a. the most feeble use of a Pink Floyd snippet imaginable). If establishing the label as a bastion of spit-polished mediocrity was the aim, then mission accomplished.