With their latest single, American label Foundation Channel can effectively hoist their banner up alongside DMZ, Hyperdub, Blackdown and other consistently great dub bass imprints. This three-track affair struts out into ragga territory, fusing retro-reggae beats with sharply delivered Jamaican toasts. “Ganja Ting” rides a bouncy riddim showered with a feast of echoes, sound clash noises, and deftly skanking synth stabs—anyone familiar with classic dancehall tunes like Shabba Ranks’ “Champion Lover” or JC Lodge’s “Telephone Love” will recognize those very Gussie Clarke-style Casio licks.

Canadian-based Jamaican deejay Collinjah makes the most of the original mix’s the rubbery groove, riding every dip and drop out with alternating vocal tones. His hearty delivery recalls ‘90s dancehall greats Mad Cobra or Terror Fabulous as he chants “All I need is a chalice or a spliff in a mi mouth…a dat wi a promote.” The instrumental version highlights Modi Bardo’s crafty sine-wave synth leads and delay-saturated dub effects.

Golden Eye’s recent “Mutual” EP for Foundation Channel showcased his distinctive bass approach that fused brassy hip-hop, loping dubstep and fantastic mixing board prowess. His rework of Bardo and Collinjah’s “Badman Place” is a maximalist array of wailing sirens, crashing drums and Tsunami-sized bass waves. The atmosphere is as hectic as Collinjah’s heady “we no back down” sound clash boasts–chest-thumpingly bold lyrics with a stout riddim to match. With singles like this, Foundation Channel puts itself firmly in the vanguard of labels charting where bass and dub will go next.