Frenetic and kinetic, chaotic and cathartic: For pure passion, there’s little out there in the musical world to challenge the likes of Colombia! The Golden Years of Discos Fuentes, a collection of recordings from the ’60s and ’70s vaults of Discos Fuentes. The words are familiar: salsa, cumbia, fandango, and rumba. Some of the sounds will tickle your memory-Lito Barrientos’ filmic “Cumbia En Do Menor” might be from one of Jim Jarmusch’s long, panning cityscapes; Afrosound’s “Pacifico” lilts like West African highlife given a Masters at Work live-percussion treatment. But the tireless drive apparent through Colombia!‘s 20 tracks-each as emotionally heavy-hitting, and as foot-numbingly danceable as its neighbor-makes this a thoroughly fresh, if rough, ride.