Kentucky beatmaker Tommy Wilson (a.k.a. Milyoo) is a special talent, not because he makes exceptional music (although his tunes are quite good), but because dude manages to do so while living in Kentucky. KENTUCKY! No offense to our Bluegrass State readers, but Wilson’s native stomping grounds are not really known as a hub of electronic music innovation, making the quality sounds on his latest single all the more impressive. Granted, we knew good things were on the way when Opit sent over the unreleased “Lightbike” as a free download last month, but where that track was more of a leftfield take on hip-hop, the new single veers closer toward house territory. “Colors” is a playful, mid-tempo track full of light-hearted vocal loops, warm synths, and a loosely clacking 4/4 beat. “Games” is a livelier effort, particularly with its punchy percussion. The song also features a dizzying synth melody which rises and falls throughout the track in an almost seasick manner. Combined, the two tracks fail to crack the seven-minute mark, but Milyoo does have several more releases on the way soon via labels such as Fortified Audio and Well Rounded. After hearing “Colors” b/w “Games,” we’ll be making a point to give them a listen.